Industrial Metal Detector
Use our superior quality Industrial Metal Detectors which are easy to install and designed for exceptional reliability and intuitive operation. They are applicable in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, glass, aggregate, minerals processing, plastics & rubber industries.
Garments Metal Detector
We are engaged in manufacturing of Garments Metal Detectors that are designed to be very sensitive, reliable and efficient. They are considered essential part of the apparel and textile production process. The offered products are reliable, have high sensitivity detection, are easy to use & maintain and ensure minimum downtime.
Food Metal Detector

We are a leading manufacturer of best quality Food Metal Detector used to ensure the safety and integrity of a wide range of bulk goods which are unpackaged, packaged, by identified metal contaminants during packaging process. In this way they help to ensure that metal do not enter food that we eat.

Metal Detecting System
Use our Metal Detecting Systems which are suitable for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, textile, garment, chemicals, plastics and packaging industries. They are featured by accurate, user-friendly  versatile metal detectors, low cost maintenance & increased profitability, easy to use, clean & maintain and intuitive operation, improved sensitivity and high reliability.
Pharmaceutical Metal Detector
We deal in Pharmaceutical Metal Detectors which are very precisely designed & reliable in performance, very user friendly machine and easy to clean. They are used in Pharmaceutical industries which are made with stainless steel body. Also, some of the key features include very easy height and adjustment operations.
Pulse Induction Metal Detector
We provide Pulse Induction Metal Detectors which are high-grade metal sensor for discovering gold in fields of gold as they do not react to the iron calcification normally discovered in the region of gold such as magnetite. Also, they find their application in coal handling plants, cement plants, thermal power plants, glass industries, mining and paper mills.
 Food X-Ray Inspection Systems
We deal in wide range of Food X-Ray Inspection Systems which are easy to use, have perfect display, require less maintenance, easy to clean, etc. They find their applicability in food industries to check package integrity, etc.
Pharma X-Ray Inspection Systems
Use our Pharma X-Ray Inspection Systems which are used in Pharmaceutical industries. They are featured by Imaginative outlines and best in class mechanics, completely measured interface & hardware, superior, easy to use programming and discovery of sullying in tablet strips, bottles and more.
Food & Pharma X - Ray Inspection Systems
We provide Food & Pharma X - Ray Inspection Systems which are used to detect unwanted contaminants in the product. They find their applicability in food industries to check package integrity, plastic, hard rubber, stone, bone, etc. They are easy to use, have perfect display and require less maintenance.